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Reimagine How You Choose Your Foods

Dr. Maya Adam, Director of Health Media Innovation Department of Pediatrics at Stanford Medicine, has a great tip for changing your relationship to food to create a more healthful and sustainable attitude about your food choices. Let's reconsider the typical food choice rationale; which probably sounds something like this: "I ate 'badly' today, so I don't deserve to have this dessert tonight." Or perhaps "I worked out/ran around with my kids/ate a salad/etc. so I'm 'allowed' to indulge in this less healthy choice." Well, what if you changed this script. What if you honored your body like the phenomenally impressive, hard-working organism that it is and looked at those lower quality food-like products (that even mold doesn't want to eat) and reframed the question from "Am I worthy enough to eat this food?" to "Is this food worthy OF ME?" Is this food's quality WORTHY of entering my precious body? Think about this for your very next food choice and decide if that food passes the test. 

Nina Ryan is the Wellness Coach Nina Ryan Nina Ryan is the Wellness Coach at Dr. G's in Sparta, NJ. She loves helping people overcome their obstacles regarding weight loss and create sustainable lifestyle changes to help them thrive.

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