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"For many years, I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.
Depending on the stage in my life, my weight would go up and down. After
the birth of my second child, the weight was quite difficult to get off.
I had gained over 40 pounds. I was dieting and exercising but struggling
to get back to my goal weight.

Right about that time, I met Dr. Goldsmith. Dr. Goldsmith ran a thriving
weight loss practice in South Florida that was in the midst of global
expansion. He convinced me to try his program and it worked! I got
myself back to my high school weight. In the process, I learned a lot
about myself and my triggers for weight gain. I then decided to train
with Doctor Goldsmith to learn more about his methods. It's been over 11
years since I lost the weight and have not gained it back. Since then,
I've stopped practicing OB/GYN and have dedicated myself to helping
others achieve their weight loss goals. It's a wonderful feeling to know
that you can help people transform their lives."



"My name is Cassie and I have lost over 55 lbs. on Dr. G’s Weightloss
Program!!! Yes, 55 lbs.!!! It may not sound like a big deal, but it really truly is for me. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and have tried so many different diet plans. I have had small successes, but none of them were sustainable enough to create a new healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off.

The Staff at Dr. G’s Office in Sparta are hands down some of the most
amazing people I have ever met! They were super informative when I
inquired about the program. I felt they were all genuinely interested in
my needs and wants to see if any of their program options were right for
me. I very quickly and easily realized this was not a quick fix or a fad
diet that would come and go like the others and I dived in.

Staring July 18, 2020 through March 3, 2021 I have lost 55 lbs., 10
inches off my waist and 6 inches off my hips. I have learned so much
about choices and healthier options. I count the days until my next
appointment because I am looking forward to seeing the staff as well as
restock my protein bar inventory, ( they are the best I have ever tasted
). I am excited to go shopping and pick out my clothes for the day. This
program has literally changed my life.

I have never invested in myself before. I could not be happier that I
decided to do so now. The program is easy to follow, there is a ton of
support from within the office and outside of the office with a fitness
coach who checks in on you all the time. I could go on forever. I am
over the moon with my progress and how far I have come, and I look
forward to seeing more progress as I continue to invest in my health
with the help of Dr. G’s programs and education. "



"I have struggled with my weight on and off my entire life. I was
introduced to Dr. G’s at the lowest point in my life. I had heard of
other people having success with the program so I decided to give it a
try. I was morbidly obese and everyday was physically and emotionally
exhausting. Simple everyday tasks were an effort and even at rest my
body was in extreme pain. I was forced to take medical leave from
college and put my Nursing degree on hold. Embarrassment over my
appearance kept me isolated. I was living but felt like I was trapped,
dying on the inside and powerless to change.

I can’t put into words how I felt as I started dropping pounds. It was
like I was starting to live life for the first time and even more
important unlocking a potential I never knew I had. At first I dreaded
working out because it hurt so much and even 5 minutes on the treadmill
made my muscles burn. As I grew stronger the pain lessened and working
out became more like a game, each time challenging myself to push beyond
my perceived limits forcing my mind and body to adapt and change. I
learned that self-forgiveness is crucial, setbacks really just give us
the opportunity to grow stronger and persistence can break through any
barrier. Dr. Sotillo and her staff went above and beyond with their
endless support and encouragement. I would have to say that Dr. Sotillo
has been my biggest cheerleader from the start and believed in me even
when I didn’t believe in myself. After losing the first 80 lbs. I
returned to college to finish senior year and graduated with my BSN.
Today I am up to a total of 180 lbs. lost and feel absolutely amazing."



"I lost 102 lbs!! How did I do it? Let’s flash back 11 months.
Calories in, calories out; smaller portion sizes; exercise more; cut out
carbs and sugar…..

I felt like I had tried it all. I’ve battled my weight all my life,
sometimes I even won, but it always returned and seemed to be more than
before. I’m a young self-employed doctor and felt like I should be able
to tackle this on my own. But I’ve learned over the years that sometimes
you need to know when to ask for help. It was about a year ago when I
was talking with my sister, yet again, about my weight loss struggles,
that she said to me “you’re smart and you know what you need to do to
lose the weight, but you’re not a weight loss expert; would you go to an
eye doctor if you’re having a back issue? Of course you wouldn’t. So go
to a weight loss specialist, you’ve tried everything else”. For some
reason that simple comment resonated with me and a month later I was at
my initial appointment at Dr. G’s in Sparta. The friendly and
encouraging atmosphere that Dr. Sotillo and her staff provided was an
integral part of my overall success. Healthy eating and exercise were
already a part of my lifestyle prior to starting the program, but the
lack of results made it seem like I was climbing Mt. Everest at times.
The Dr. G program helped curb my cravings, boosted my metabolism and
best of all …. the weight started dropping off almost immediately.
Watching the pounds melt away every week only boosted my drive to
succeed. Eleven months later I surpassed my goal and feel like a million

Don’t waste another day wishing you could look and feel your best!!"



"I had always been able to lose weight on my own until I started having
issues with my back and neck. My pain was so severe that I had to quit
Jazzercise which I loved and essentially become a couch potato because
it hurt to move. As a result, I gained a tremendous amount of weight
which in turn made me hurt even more. My pain management doctor said
that I needed to lose weight, but it was nearly impossible to exercise
given the level of pain that I was in. I had also turned to food as a
comfort. I tried to diet on my own, but I just couldn't seem to stay
with it."



"Started at 192, came to Dr. G's at 184, now at 139. So
happy, thank you so much! I appreciate all you did to help me through my
journey and I refer you everyone I know. I went from a size 14 to an
8!!! I have never seen an 8!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!" -

I had known about Dr. G's Weight Loss program for a while, so I decided
to take a leap of faith and give it a try. That was the best decision I
ever made. I started the program in April and so far I have lost 90
pounds. The pain in my lower back is almost gone as is the numbness that
I had in my leg. I'm still far from being pain free, but I feel so much
better in my own body. I never imagined that I could lose so much
weight. Dr. Sotillo and the entire staff are always so friendly and
welcoming. Any time I call or email them with a question or issue, they
get right back to me. They are always very supportive and encouraging. I
go about every two weeks for a weigh-in and it has kept me on track. I
have never felt like I was alone doing this program nor have I felt like
it was overbearing. All I can is that Dr. G's really works! I highly
recommend it."



"All my adult life I battled with my weight. I have tried countless
diet's, diet pills, herbs even had lap band surgery. I never was
completely successful. One day a friend told me about Doctor G's
program. I was so desperate, I was at my highest weight. I thought
"even if I only lose a little bit it's better than nothing". The doctor
and all the staff at the Sparta office are amazing. They are so friendly
and kind ,they put me at ease, are very understanding, always supportive
and encouraging. They always took the time to hear me out and talk to me
about all my concerns. It was a little adjustment at first,
understandable so, but being able to cook my own food and eat whole real
foods made it a lot easier especially being a busy mom for a family of
5. As the weight started to come off I had more energy and my motivation
just increased.

With each and every month I couldn't believe this was actually working.
I enjoy food tremendously and I still can. I have made good health
lifestyle changes that I know I can live with and be able to maintain,
which wasn't ever possible with all the other "diet programs". In just
under a year I have reached my goal that I have been trying to achieve
for over 25 years!!!"









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