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MIC B-12 Injections

Dr. G's Weightloss

Medical Weight Loss Clinic located in Sparta, NJ

Do you ever wish there were a magic pill that could control your energy levels and the way your body uses (and loses) fat? While it’s not a pill, Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness does offer an injection that does exactly that. Their MIC B12 injections can transform the way you feel while helping you toward your weight loss goals. To learn more, call their Sparta, New Jersey, office or schedule your appointment online.

MIC B-12 Injections Q & A

What is an MIC B12 Injection?

Take a shot for your health! The MIC B12 injection is full of things your body needs to feel energized, maintain mental balance and clarity, and melt away fat. The injection itself is made up of four main components.

  • Methionine: This essential amino acid can lower your cholesterol, help your liver process fats out of the body more quickly, make you feel more energized, and even minimize your allergies.
  • Inositol: This B vitamin also helps your body break down fat more quickly and controls your cholesterol levels. What’s more, it supports balanced moods and reduces food cravings.
  • Choline: When you’re trying to lose weight, your liver works overtime to break down fats. Choline supports it in this important work, while also ensuring your liver can excrete toxins from your body.
  • B12: This vitamin helps you feel more energized while also energizing your metabolic rate. B12 helps your body detox, burning stored fat faster, while also helping you sleep better, have fewer food cravings, and avoid mood swings.

What are the Benefits of MIC B12 Injections?

Weight loss can feel exhausting. If you’re feeling worn out from the process and aren’t seeing the results you want, this injection can help. It’s full of energy boosters and gives your body the resources it needs to quickly and effectively break down fat and process it out of your system. It does this by increasing the flow of fats from your liver and gallbladder.

This shot can also help you feel like you have more endurance and mood stability. If you want to see more results from your weight loss program without feeling fatigued by it, the MIC B12 injection could be for you.

Why is B12 Important?

B12 is only found in animal-based foods (i.e., meat, dairy). If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you need to supplement your diet with B12. Even if you are a regular meat eater, regular alcohol consumption, immune system disorders, and a range of other issues can get in the way of your body’s B12 absorption. This injection ensures your body’s getting enough of this crucial vitamin.

If you feel tired, want to see the pounds melt away faster, or are just looking for a health boost, call Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness to ask about the MIC B12 injection or schedule your appointment online today.