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Sermorelin Injections

Dr. G's Weightloss Sparta

Medical Weight Loss Clinic located in Sparta, NJ

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

At the base of your brain sits your pituitary gland which is responsible for the production of several different hormones. One such hormone is the human growth hormone or HGH for short. This particular hormone serves several purposes including enhancing tissue growth by stimulating the formation of protein, contributing to strong bones, increasing muscle mass, stimulating the immune system, increasing energy and weight loss.

What does HGH do?

Like other hormones in our body, as we age, our hormone levels begin to naturally decline, this is also true of human growth hormone. This powerful hormone that increasingly depletes during our lifespan causes us to see signs of aging. 

Common Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Include

  • Building muscle mass
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Boosting libido
  • Regulating sleep patterns
  • Increasing weight loss
  • And so much more!

What you can expect during your first 6 months of Sermorelin Therapy:

Month One:

  • Increased energy
  • Deeper, more restful sleep Improved stamina
  • A more content state of mind

Month Two:

  • Reduced belly fat
  • Improved metabolism
  • The return of some muscle tone
  • Improved skin tone and fewer wrinkles Stronger hair and nails

Month Three:

  • Increased mental focus
  • Improved flexibility and joint health More feelings of drive and ambition
  • Enhanced sex drive and performance

Month Four:

  • Improved mental acuity
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Further improved appearance of the hair and nails
  • Continued weight loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass

Month Five:

  • Continued loss of belly fat
  • Improved skin tone with the reduced appearance of wrinkles Noticeably fuller, healthier hair

Month Six:

  • A 5-10% reduction in body fat, without diet or exercise
  • A 10% increase in lean muscle mass
  • Significantly improved physique
  • Increased vitality dies to organ regrowth (vital organs, including the brain, shrink with age)

Injection Guidelines

  1. Sermorelin must be kept refrigerated after mixing.
  2. Our program is 12 weeks. 10 weeks of injections and 2 weeks off completely.
  3. Sermorelin is administered into subcutaneous fatty tissue such as the abdomen, at night 1 hour before bed. 
  4. The dose is 20 units ( 300mcgs) in an insulin syringe 5  times per week .
  5. It is recommended to periodically rotate subcutaneous injection sites.