Amazing Transformation, Megan!

Confident woman smiling in front of white wall celebrating her weight loss

Our exuberant patient, Megan, from Stanhope, New Jersey is celebrating her 53 pound weight loss with us!  Before starting the Dr. G's program, Megan had trouble with motivation, fatigue, and didn't exercise much.  She did come to us with a phenomenal attitude and a desire to succeed!  Megan persevered through physical limitations and is now shining even brighter with increased energy, balanced nutrition that works for her lifestyle, and an exercise routine that she can maintain.  We know Megan is very proud of the work she put in, and of course, her amazing results!  Awesome job and thanks for letting us be a part of your transformation, Megan!

Nina Ryan is the Wellness Coach Nina Ryan Nina Ryan is the Wellness Coach at Dr. G's in Sparta, NJ. She loves helping people overcome their obstacles regarding weight loss and create sustainable lifestyle changes to help them thrive.

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